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Electronic CO


In line with the national drive to promote IT and as part of the Chamber’s continual efforts to improve its services to the business community, the Chamber provides online application for Certificates of Origin to speed up the process of CO applications. This service is available to all businessmen but members are charged concessionary rates.

We are pleased to inform CO applicants that a web-based application and certification system for Certificate of Origin, known as CertOfOrigin, has been developed to provide a Total Electronic CO Solution and is now available.

The CertOfOrigin system enables the business community to apply COs electronically over the internet with the Chamber which would accept electronic applications from exporters and their agents and issue COs electronically, as well as, allow electronic transmission of an approved CO to a designated party (eg. a bank for LC clearance).

This Electronic CO system, developed and managed by Crimsonlogic Pte Ltd, a Chamber member, comprises new security technologies, known as public key infrastructure (PKI), print control and watermarking will help to ensure user authentication, confidentiality, data integrity and user accountability through public-key encryption and digital signature services, as well as, allow printing of CO conveniently via the CertOfOrigin system through print control and watermarking technology, if a hard copy is required. Optical watermarking technology is used to distinguish between the original and copies of the certificate of origin.

You will need to register with the Chamber as an ECO User. Upon our approval, you would then apply with CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd for a User ID and Password to gain access to our services electronically and benefit from the following:



The System:

  • Allows you to complete/submit your CO application and transmit your documents electronically to the Chamber from the comfort of your office anytime, anywhere.

  • Allows you to transmit an approved CO electronically to a designated party (eg. a bank for LC clearance, an overseas buyer, etc) without having to physically collect the CO from the Chamber and then despatch it to your banks/trading partners.

  • Allows you to print an approved CO conveniently, using print control and watermarking technology, when a hard copy is required.

  • Allows data import from other systems, thus simplifying the application process.

  • Eliminates travelling time and reduces paperwork and hence allows you to enjoy significant savings in time and costs.

  • Allows round-the-clock internet-based preparation/application of CO, as well, as Export Permit.

  • Allows you to expedite the completion of your CO applications with minimal data entry and transcription errors as the System enables you to retrieve past applications and change the relevant fields for submission of a new CO application.

  • Allows you to check/monitor online the status of your CO applications.

  • Provides system alerts to notify relevant parties involved in the CO application and approval process when a CO has been approved, viewed or printed.

  • Reduces the turnaround time substantially for your CO application request /approval which, in turn, enhances your company’s business capabilities/competitiveness.

  • Improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your company.

Endorsement Fee:
Methods of Assessing Fees (inclusive of 7% GST)   SICC Members   Non-Members
Electronic CO        
PKI User*        
1st set of 4 copies of Certificate of Origin comprising 1 to 2 pages (inclusive of the original)   $6 per set   $9 per set
Any further additional copies (i.e. from the 5th copy onwards)   No charge   No charge
Any additional pages (i.e. from the 3rd page onwards)   $1 per page   $2 per page
Non-PKI User**        
1st set of 4 copies of Certificate of Origin comprising 1 to 2 pages (inclusive of the original)   $8 per set   $11 per set
Any further additional copies (i.e. from the 5th copy onwards)   $1 per copy   $2 per copy
Any additional pages (i.e. from the 3rd page
  $1 per page   $2 per page
* PKI User: Public Key Infrastructure User is an ECO applicant who can print ECOs which are digitally signed/stamped/dated at their offices.
**Non-PKI User: Non-Public Key Infrastructure User is an ECO applicant who requires the Chamber to print and manually stamp/sign/date the approved ECOs.
PLEASE NOTE: These fees include GST @ 7%
** To download the pricing in pdf format, please click here

To use CertOfOrigin, users need to equip their computer system with:
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 / Netscape 4.76 or higher

  • Internet connection

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Additional hardware is required if optional features are needed:

Document attachment:
  • Scanner for scanning document with images


Therefore, we strongly urge traders and their agents to sign up as an ECO user today to take advantage of these substantial benefits, including lower endorsement fees. We look forward to your participation.

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You may also contact our :

Certification Dept
Singapore International Chamber Of Commerce
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Singapore 048580
Tel: (65) 6500 0950
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