ATA Carnet Seminar: The Passport for Goods

20 July 2017
SICC Members' Room

Your Chamber introduced a new seminar on the advantages of the ATA Carnet - the passport for goods. The first run of this half day seminar took place on 20 July and was conducted by Kok Mei Heng, Senior Trainer for Certification Services at SICC.

During the session, participants learnt how the ATA Carnet facilitates the shipment of goods to a foreign country for temporary purposes and how it can help their businesses enjoy significant cost savings. They were also guided on the application process and the key responsibilities of Carnet users. The trainer also shared common discrepancies and irregularities and how Carnet users can avoid and rectify them so they do not lose time and money.

For those who have missed this training, the next run of this seminar takes place on Friday, 18 August. Click here for registration details.