Innovation Series: Siemens

26 September 2016
The Siemens Centre

A stimulating afternoon sharing session was hosted by member Siemens on 26 September as part of the Chamber’s Innovation Series. Members participated in a tour of the Siemens City of the Future and experienced how the fuzzy concept of Smart Cities can be brought to real life through cutting edge technology for Intelligent Transport, Smart Buildings and Smart Grid. Case studies of how companies harvest the potential of digitalisation by making use of these innovative technologies were also presented.

The tour was followed by presentations by Siemens representatives who elaborated how digital technologies can impact the manufacturing industry and buildings in all phases of the business process.

There is no doubt digitalisation is revolutionising the way businesses operate. It helps reduce costs and direct labour and at the same time, increase flexibility, market responsiveness and resilience. Traditional business models need to embrace this trend for those who oppose will face the implications  - missed opportunities to reach new customers and markets or worse still, disappear from the market altogether.

The Chamber would like to thank Siemens for hosting this visit and generously sharing their knowledge with fellow members. For those who have missed this event, a repeat session will be conducted on 12 December 2016. Do keep a lookout on our events calendar for details.