Cyber Security Series: Data Breach Investigation

4 October 2016
SICC Members' Room

Darren Cerasi, Partner, Deloitte Forensic SEA was our guest speaker at the Cyber Security Series on 4 October. In his presentation, he focused on the technical aspects of a data breach investigation. He discussed the process in which companies can retrace the digital footprints left behind, identify the suspects and analyse how the breach occurred.

Darren also shared several real-life case studies of data breach incidents. These examples reinforced the message that data breach has become so prevalent that it is no longer a matter of whether our organisation will become a target but when it will happen. Businesses must put in place preventive measures but when these fail to prevent a data breach, they must have processes in place to be able to respond swiftly.

We would like to thank Darren for taking time to share his professional expertise with members. For those who have missed this event, you may download the presentation slides here.

This is the third of four Cyber Security Series events exclusively sponsored by member Deloitte. The last session takes place on 8 November and includes a site visit of Deloitte’s Cyber Security Operations Centre (CyberSOC). More details will be available on our website soon.