27 February 2018 Post-Budget Breakfast Talk

28 February 2018 Driving HR Automation

21 March 2018 Innovation Series: Inside Google's Workplace Culture

23 March 2018 New Members' Lunch

28 March 2018 ATA Carnet Seminar: The Passport for Goods

March 2018
Networking Night

4 April 2018 Leadership Series: Achieving Excellence in Execution

5 April 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series
Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)
9 May 2018 2018 SICC Awards Gala Dinner

22 May 2018 Innovation Series
DBS Bank
24 July 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series
Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
9 October 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series
Ms Goh Swee Chen, Chairperson of Shell Companies in Singapore
20 November 2018 Leadership Series
Mr Vinod Kumar, Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Tata Communications

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