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Singaporean Talent

Businesses large and small complain all the time that they can’t get enough of their brightest and best Singaporean staff to take overseas assignments. Why? If every other nationality on the planet can do it why can’t we?

If Singaporeans who work for MNCs want to be in the running for the top jobs they need to take a couple of overseas assignments to experience working in a different country and learn new skills. This will enhance their own knoweldge and their value to the companies they work for.

Equally, SMEs who are growing their business in the region need trusted Singaporeans to help them run their businesses. What is stopping our Singaporean talent from doing this?

The Chamber encourages Singaporean talent to move out of their comfort zone and move up the value chain in terms of skillset, knowledge and relevance to get the top jobs they deserve.

If you are an employer or a Singaporean talent we would very much like to hear your views. Contact Us