Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) Programme

In line with one of SICC’s core objectives of achieving mutually beneficial outcomes, your Chamber is participating in the Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) programme. This programme is jointly administered by SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and aims to foster mutually beneficial collaborations between Large Organisations (LO) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

With the help of your dedicated PACT Manager, we will work closely with member companies to identify and implement collaborative projects with the LO and local SMEs in the areas of:

Knowledge transfer from an LO to at least one SME
Capability upgrading of an LO’s new or existing suppliers
Development and test-bedding of innovative solutions between an LO and at least one SME

These collaborative efforts will also be recognised at the annual SICC Awards: Innovations in Productivity.


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SICC’s PACT Manager will support you in the planning, monitoring and implementation of PACT projects. By tapping on the Chamber's extensive membership base, this dedicated personnel will assist in identifying suitable LO or SME partners and will guide you throughout the process to see to your project’s success.

For enquiries, please contact your PACT Manager:

Mr Daniel Lee
PACT Manager
DID: +65 6500 0968

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How Can Members Benefit

Through the PACT initiative, selected SMEs will be upgraded in the area of productivity, capability development, and gain opportunities to co-develop innovative products or solutions with LOs. Approved projects will be eligible for partial funding support for qualifying development costs.

Large Organisation

Small and Medium Enterprise

Partner Development

• Cost savings and better product quality from supply chain optimisation and continuous improvement

• Maintain competitive advantage by upgrading to changing demands, fulfill quality and standards and lower production costs

• Increase productivity through improved workflow and streamlined processes

• Improve service delivery

• Exposure to international opportunities

Knowledge Transfer

• Build a network of potential partners

• Increase awareness of products and attract more customers

• Be equipped with knowledge to penetrate new markets

• Learn valuable technological and organisational best practices for strategic development and expansion


• Develop highly customised solutions by tapping on SMEs’ capabilities

• Access fresh ideas beyond niche areas of expertise

• Transform potential competitors to collaborators

• Test-bed solutions and accelerate commercialisation

• Access to technical expertise in niche areas

• Strengthen technology innovation capabilities

• Penetrate new markets and raise international profile


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Support for Qualifying Development Costs

As part of the PACT initiative, SPRING Singapore will provide partial funding support with qualifying development costs, examples of which are as follow:


General Qualifying Costs

(General PACT Projects)

Knowledge Transfer Supportable Items

(Knowledge Transfer Projects)

• Manpower-related costs

• Training venue rental

• Professional services

• Refreshments

• Prototyping-related services

• Professional fees

• Technical support services

• Return economy airfare and COLA expenses for engagement of overseas trainers

• Equipment, materials, consumables and software

• Intellectual property acquisition

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