Latest News – ProGuide: using our HR resources optimally

Your chamber believes that business should use our country’s valuable HR resources in an optimal way. Here’s an organization that allows SMEs access to experienced volunteers. They all have at least 25 years’ experience and have held senior management roles before stepping down from full time work.

ProGuide was established in 2004 and is the social enterprise arm of RSVP Singapore, a non-profit charitable the organization of senior volunteers. ProGuide engages in business consultancy and training to help fund the various programmes organised by its parent, RSVP Singapore. Its resources are senior professionals who are keen to share their experience to help local companies raise their capabilities and productivity to grow their businesses.

ProGuide’s clients include government ministries, VWOs, private corporations and SMEs. Its scope of capabilities is broad: everything from corporate governance reviews and improvement, enterprise resource planning, work process re-design, project management for finance, IT and HR, marketing and business development, customer service process reviews to PR and corporate communications. Please visit its web site for more information: .

If you are a senior manager who will be retiring from full-time employment and would like to volunteer your services, ProGuide would very much like to hear from you. Equally, if you are a SME who needs access to some senior help or a MNC having challenges with suppliers, ProGuide is here to help. You will do your business good as well as the wider community.