SICC Present and Future

Singapore’s longest serving chamber is now its most inclusive. SICC cuts across all potential silos of ethnicity, nationality and business sector. The Chamber represents all types and sizes of local and foreign businesses from one to two people start ups to multinationals. We are not a huge chamber but neither are we a minnow with 660 company members.

We don’t want to do everything because, like you, we can’t. We’re not superhuman either. Instead, we focus relentlessly on three main topics which are directly linked to sustaining Singapore’s economy and are relevant to all our members irrespective of company size or sector: -

Human Capital: because all businesses need engaged teams and the right kind of leaders. We look at how human capital is educated, recruited, developed and led with a special emphasis on selfless rather than selfish leadership.

Collaborative Innovation: because all businesses need continual innovation to sustain themselves and to grow and because the fastest way to innovate is to collaborate.

Circular Economy: because the business opportunities inherent in solving the pressure on this planet’s resources constitute Industrial Revolution 5.0. You heard it here first.

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