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Two members have reported to the Chamber this week that they have received spam/phishing emails with a Chamber subject heading from an unknown company. The email implied that the sender is in some way connected with the Chamber. This is not the case.

An Analysis of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Bill and Its Implications for Organisations

Posted on 8/17/2017
Member Rajah & Tann helmed a discussion of the draft Cybersecurity Bill. Using inputs from the discussions, the Chamber will be making a submission in response to the current public consultation process on behalf of all members.

Collaborative Learning - SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #153

Posted on 8/15/2017
Join us on 8 Sep for a panel discussion with our 2017 Award winners which is also part of the lead-up to the 2018 SICC Awards. Nominations are open from now until 27 Oct 2017. More details are available at

SICC Corporate Governance & Regulatory Committee Meeting

Posted on 8/15/2017
Members gathered to share updates on corporate governance, regulatory as well as accounting and auditing matters.

The 32nd Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2017: 11–15 Oct

Posted on 8/10/2017
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore & the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia cordially invite SICC members to the 32nd Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI).

SICC Cybersecurity Committee Meeting

Posted on 8/8/2017
Members met to discuss the first consolidated draft of feedback to the public consultation on Cybersecurity Bill.

International Business Opportunities - E-Newsletter

Posted on 8/7/2017
The latest issue of International Business Opportunities is now available. Updated fortnightly, this e-newsletter provides you with information on overseas events as well as trade opportunities from partners, trade associations and embassies.

SICC Tax Policy Committee Meeting

Posted on 8/7/2017
Members met to discuss the first draft of the consolidated feedback to SICC’s 2018 Budget Wish List.

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